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How To Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee Table

The October 2014 issue of Southern Living Magazine has an article entitled “How to Style Your Coffee Table” which was filled with a step by step guide.  We found the article to be a useful reference of 5 steps for styling our own coffee table.

Step 1: Start with a tray, Step 2: Stack up books, Step 3: Vary the heights, Step 4: Layer on the accessories, Step 5: Finish off with fresh finds.

Here at Lovers we took the magazine’s ideas and made them our own.  Instead of a tray, we started with an antique slate checkerboard.  We stacked coffee table books, added brass candlesticks to vary  the heights, which can be lit when entertaining, layered on accessories such as this 19th C. papier mache &  leather horse and a horn spoon filled with pistachios for snacking.  We finished off our look with double orchids.  The orchids can be changed to reflect the season, such as Christmas poinsettias or Easter lilies.

See the Southern Living video here.

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