Rearview Mirror Trinkets

Whether your special someone goes to work every day, or takes care of the household behind the scenes, there is no doubt that they travel a lot, most likely on a daily basis, whether it means going to and from work, or just going out of the house to do the grocery shopping and other errands. And if they own a car to do all of that commuting, then a great gift idea for them would be some sort of rearview mirror trinket to hang in their car.

Although there are a lot of unique objects to hang from a car’s rearview mirror, it is important to keep in mind that in this case such an object is being offered as a gift to your special someone. There should definitely be some sort of sentimental or emotional value tied to whatever you decide to gift them, so that it has meaning to them beyond just something to hang in their car. It could be a loving message written onto a long ribbon for your loved one to read while they are waiting at a stoplight or in traffic. Or it could be piece of fabric taken from a piece of clothing you wore on a really special date night.  It could even just be an air freshener that smells like pine trees since your first date was a walk through the forest.

As long as it comes from the heart, they will recognize the gesture and definitely will be moved by it, even if the actual cost of the gift itself is probably next to nothing, if not completely free. What really makes this gift special is that they will see it on a nearly daily basis, making it the perfect reminder of your love for one another. This can be especially endearing given that many times your loved one may be driving while you aren’t in the car with them. With a personalized rearview mirror trinket hanging in their car, it will make it feel like you are always with them spiritually, even if you aren’t necessarily physically there with them all the time.

Despite being a relatively simple gift, there is a lot of emotional power behind a rearview mirror trinket that truly comes from your heart. As long as you put a lot of thought into the exact object that you decide to gift, your loved one will absolutely appreciate the gesture and look at the trinket fondly each and every time he or she gets into their car!